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🌟 Crafted in loving memory of my Grandma Pauline ðŸŒŸ


✨ Exquisite 3D Cameo ✨

This exquisite brooch features a lifelike 3D cameo of a black lady with a charming afro puff, capturing the essence of grace and beauty.


💜 Rhinestone Enchantment ðŸ’œ

Nestled in a regal setting of purple and pink rhinestone enamel, this brooch radiates opulence and sophistication.


🎨 Elegant Color Palette ðŸŽ¨

The centerpiece cameo showcases a harmonious blend of purple and ivory, symbolizing dignity and poise.


📏 Perfect Dimensions ðŸ“

Measuring a striking 3.00" x 1.50", this brooch adds a touch of statement elegance to classic turtlenecks or blazers.


👗 Versatile Styling ðŸ‘—

Elevate your everyday look or enhance your formal attire effortlessly with this versatile accessory. Just like Grandma Pauline, this brooch exudes class and style, making it the perfect statement piece for any occasion.


Out of Stock
    • Handmade Item
    • Color: Purple, Ivory, Gold
    • Materials: Metal finishing, Rhinestones, 3D Cameo
    • Brooch Size: 3.00 in. (H) – 1.50 in. (W)
    • Brooch Closure: Pin with closure
    • Processing Time: 3-5 Business Days
    • Ships from: Daytona Beach, Florida
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