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Evahn Smith is many things, but a quitter is not one of them. Despite having her first child at just 16, she pressed on to forge a career for herself, mother three more children, and even found her own business—Brownskin Things, an online shop for handmade, Afrocentric jewelry and crafts. With over 5,000 sales to date, her creations have been featured in popular American media, including Hulu's Wu-Tang: An American Saga and rapper Nas' Ultra Black video.

It was a tough breakup that forced Evahn to realize she had what it took to provide for her family on her own. Getting a second job wasn’t an option, Evahn knew she would have to bring the money to her instead of going to the money. In 2013 she started Brownskin Things as an Etsy shop and began crafting earrings out of cardboard. None of her cardboard earrings sold but she was persistent with her vision. She took the crafting skills taught to her as a child and began creating jewelry from other materials like kente cloth, faux leather, and resin epoxy.

She has since expanded her crafting business to home décor, accessories, craft supplies, and more. Evahn’s handmade items are now available on the world’s most popular eCommerce platform, Amazon. Brownskin Things creates unique, one-of a kind statement pieces dedicated to the Afrocentric way of life. Evahn now has some help with her crafting business, her children. She believes that hiring your children to work in your home-based business is a great way to create and teach generational wealth. She is now passing on the crafting techniques her grandmother taught her, to the next generation. 

Evahn took her love for crafting and mixed it with her passion for black history and black culture.  She has created a company that is devoted to getting black people to craft as a way of therapy, commerce, and reconnection.

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