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Experience the profound words of Audre Lorde with our Empowerment Card, crafted for Black History enthusiasts and Book Lovers. The inside message encapsulates Lorde's insight: "Without community, there is no liberation..."


Printed on A7-sized (5" x 7") thick, premium quality cover stock, this card offers a tactile and luxurious feel. Paired with a matching envelope, it becomes a complete and thoughtful package, ready to convey your sentiments.


Perfect for various occasions, this card serves as a tribute to Audre Lorde, celebrating the power of community and the liberation it brings. Share the wisdom and empowerment of Lorde with someone special, inviting them to reflect on the richness of Black history and literature in fostering collective empowerment.

Audre Lorde Empowerment Card

SKU: audrecard
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